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Virtual Private LAN Service

One infrastructure, multiple locations, one or more networks

Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) makes it possible for customers to create a logical Local Area Network (LAN) structure between geographically separate sites. All services in a VPLS operate on the same LAN, regardless of location.

Unlike traditional Wide-Area Network connectivity or IP-based Virtual Private Networks, a VPLS can be used to transport non-IP traffic without any need for conversion or encapsulation. A VPLS has a mesh network topology, which means it can provide point-to-point, multipoint services and any-to-any capabilities. In effect, VPLS creates a virtualized Ethernet switch at the service provider's edge, linking multiple remote sites as if they were on the same physical switch.

The technology provides an agile infrastructure with the ability to carry multiple forms of layer 3 services and greatly enhance and simplify sometimes complex IP networks.

Looking Glass

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Extremely Flexible

If your business is constantly evolving to serve a range of network users VPLS is the perfect technology. The service enables a multi-tenanted environment which can subsequently be used to provide layer 3 technologies. 

Why limit yourself to only layer 3 technologies when you can have both?

DIA, P2P and MPLS over VPLS

Network segregation is important for both security and guaranteeing bandwidth for specific applications. Traditionally larger organisation would have multiple connections installed to create a physically separate network. With VPLS, you now have the freedom to choose any type of service to run on a single connection and network infrastructure; Direct Internet Access, Layer 2 point to point or even multiple MPLS networks. 

Optimise your network

Optimising your network design reduces bandwidth-related expenses. Our feature-rich products enable you to improve performance and reduce the total cost of ownership by consolidating voice and data.

Centralised applications

A VPLS network also enables you to integrate your assets into our Next Generation Data Centre, so you can benefit from centralised applications and improve processes, as well as free up management time and reduce overheads.

Supported Connectivity

VPLS is supported on all Ethernet technologies which includes EoFTTC, EFM and Ethernet. Unfortunately services such as ADSL and FTTC operate at layer 3, and therefore cannot be supported.
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